Friday, May 27, 2016

Zomei T388 2Pcs Mini Walkie Talkie

These little things have a large range

I gave these 5 out of 5 stars

          After reading the other reviews I was nervous that these walkie talkies would not work. They arrived and I opened the box. They felt like toys but they had all those buttons so I had to try them out. Each radio uses 4 AAA batteries. I can't say how long the batteries last because mine are still going. We turned them on and they were both on channel 2 but there are other channels available. You also can scan through all 22 channels. There is a push button to turn the volume up and down. There is a talk button, call, menu power buttons and more. There is a lamp button that turns on a flashlight on the top of the radios. There is also a headphone jack on the top. We tested the distance. One of of stayed put and the other walked away. We were about 1/4 a mile apart before we started hearing any static, but we could still hear each other. I was impressed with the range. I gave my son and granddaughter each a walkie talkie radio and they had a blast. If they have a range of 1/4 a mile, then they will work great in my house and yard. Other kids radios only reach about 15 feet so these are significantly better. We like them and have fun with them. I received this item as a sample for free to try in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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