Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Floureon 4CH 960H Onvif CCTV DVR

Very easy to use, good for home security
I gave this 5 out of 5 stars

          This Floureon 4CH 960H Onvif CCTV DVR is my newest DVR. At 1 TB, it has the biggest hard drive I have ever owned. 500 GB use to be the standard. Then they started selling DVR's without any hard drive at all, which was bad in my opinion. This set comes with four 700 TVLines bullet cameras. The lens is 4mm, so it is not wide angle but it has a wider view than the usual 6mm lens. The lens is CMOS which reduces noise and increases image quality. Each camera has 24 LED's and there is a sensor under the lens that detects when it is light and when it is dark. When it is light, the camera sees in color. The picture is nice and clear when it is light out. When it is dark the night vision will kick in and the video is black and white. With the help of the LED's the camera can see in total darkness. It could see from 30-65 feet depending on how much extra light is around. Any extra light will help the lens see even better in the dark. There are 4 tripods that screw into the bottom of the cameras,1 for each camera.
This security system comes with:
4CH 960H DVR
1TB HD can record 500 hours of video, that is over 20 days
4 700TVL Cameras that can be installed outside without the weather damaging them
4 60 foot Cables with BNC connection
1 1-4 Power Splitter Cable
1 USB Mouse
2 Power Supplies, 1 for DVR, 1 for cameras
1 User Manual
1 Software CD lets you watch files on the computer
The menu is easy to navigate. I can set motion alarms, motion sensor recording, cloud based access, send alerts, watch online and so much more.
To connect this system to my HDTV, I hooked it up to a computer monitor using a VGA plug and had to change a setting but I decided to just keep using the 17 inch monitor. There are 4 channels which means it can have 4 cameras hooked up to it. It has a lot of ports on the back of it. HDMI. VGA, Ethernet, PTZ, audio, video out USB to back up files and much more. I can buy other cameras and hook them up to this DVR no problem. I do wish it had a remote control included, I am not a fan of using the mouse. I am happy with this Floureon security system. Everything worked as it should have. I am using my DVR to record certain areas around my house. I have a camera at my mailbox, one by my van and the other 2 in my yard. I received this item at a discounted rate to try in exchange for my totally honest and unbiased review.

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